Department Of Commercial Practice

This course is aimed at providing theoretical and practical knowledge in all commercial subjects especially Accountancy, Banking, Principles of Management E-Commerce Communicative English, Computerized Financial Accounting, Stenography, Word processing, DTP and Computer application for business. This course moulds students in such a way as to be able to keep records, deal with correspondence and handle clerical work and computerized accounting work for an organization.

Government Women's Polytechnic College Kozhikode is an Institution providing Technical Education and training to women at post secondary level to meet the needs of present job market and to fulfill the career prospects of the young women. We instill in our students a strong sense of duty and values relevant to the present work scenario which leads to empowerment of women. The institution also provides continuing education and non formal courses to the needy adults through a variety of delivery modes

The government Women's Polytechnic College , Kozhikode aspires and strive to develop in to a Centre of Excellence for Women in the arena of Technical Education.

Sl.No Name Designation Qualification Action
1 Muhammed. M.K HOD M.Com View Detailis
2 Nufidath. F.M Lecturer In Commercial Practice DCP,M.Com,NET View Detailis
3 Saranya .K.P Lecturer In Commercial Practice M.Com, NET,PGDCA,DCP View Detailis
4 Manikandan .M Instructor in SPCBC, PGDCA View Detailis
5 Bindu .B.R Instructor in SPCBC M.Com, NET View Detailis
6 Seema Instructor in Commerce B.Com,DCP View Detailis
7 Aneeza Jamaludeen.K Senor Instructor in Shorthand B.Com(Accounting),Diploma in Shothand & Typewriting, Typewriting Malayalam Higher View Detailis
8 Vijisha. K.M Instructor in Shorthand B.Com, DCP, DCAS View Detailis
9 Savitha. O.K Assistant Instructor in SH SSLC, Diploma in Shorthand View Detailis
10 Jayaraman. C Typewriter Mechanic (Hg) DCP, KGTE English & Malayalam (Higher), Word Proceesing, DTP View Detailis
11 Anoodhya TV Guest Lecturer In Commercial Practice M.Com,DCP View Detailis
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